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Recruitment & Executive Search

Our specialists are committed to identify and locate distinctive talents who would actively contribute to the organization’s development and growth.

Mass Recruitment

To satisfy international manpower and skilled workers requests, we established strong partnerships with leading sourcing agencies in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, The Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal and other Asian countries.

Our Recruitment Method


Establish a search strategy

  • Analyze the organization’s job orders
  • Determine the Priorities
  • Define the knowledge, skills and abilities required for the role as per the job description and examine the responsibilities, goals and key challenges of the position


Attract the right talent

We pride ourselves in our ability to utilize both conventional and innovative sourcing methods. Depending upon the request, we develop a sourcing method based on a combination of the below:

  • Comprehensive database
    Our extensive candidate database consists of handpicked targeted talents
  • International reach
    Our team is specialized in finding talented candidates of all nationalities across the globe.
  • Targeted search
    Our team of experts analyzes your request to identify the most suitable candidate for your organization.
  • Network/referrals
    Throughout our extensive years of experience, we established a strong network of acquaintances and partners which facilitates reaching out to the right candidates
  • Online exposure and social media
    We create a list of prospects best qualified for the role and ensure we are only recommending a list of the most qualified prospects for your job request.


Candidate Assessment

  • Conduct various types of interviews with selected talents
  • Administer tests upon your request
  • Prepare a thorough assessment for each candidate to be shared with you
  • Develop a fine short list of qualified candidates


Complete the Search

  • Conduct thorough reference checks
  • Assist in negotiating the compensation and other terms to help finalize the process
  • Follow up with you and the candidate after placement