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Back-end developers are experienced in analytics, debug and improve current back-end apps and processes. The Back-end Developer will examine current codes and industry trends, construct more efficient processes, fix difficulties, and provide a more seamless user experience. Excellent communication, computer, and project management abilities are required. As a Backend developer, the focus should be on generating a better, more efficient program and a better end-user experience. You should be well-informed, cooperative, and enthusiastic.
Front end developers ensure that online design and user experience objectives are aligned, optimize web pages for optimal efficiency, and maintain brand consistency across all web sites. Guarantee that all components of web creation are consistent, front-end developers must work in teams with back-end vdevelopers, visual designers, and user experience designers. This necessitates exceptional interpersonal and communication abilities.
DevOps engineers will be involved in numerous stages of a product's life cycle and should keep up with technology advances to maximize efficiency. To improve marketability, they should also keep track of client reviews. As a DevOps engineers, they should make sure that all of the outputs are safe for public consumption. Finally, a DevOps engineer will be able to display exceptional leadership abilities as well as the ability to mentor junior employees.
ull-stack developers are experienced in computer programming, can operate on both the front and back ends of projects, in charge of developing and designing front-end web architecture. Full-stack developers should ensure that apps are responsive and collaborate with graphic designers on web design features.
Market Research Analysts are marketing specialists who help determine an organization’s position in the marketplace in order to effectively promote their products and services. They research competitors and their marketing methods, and study and gather consumer information.
The Senior Content Writer has exceptional writing abilities. The candidate must be able to focus on technology, and digitization in all industries. Ultimately, a competent senior copywriter will be highly experienced in creating engaging content for social media and in charge of influencing consumers by delivering a clear message, as well as using their initiative to seek out new trends and incorporate them into campaigns.
A graphic designer expert is responsible for designing a wide variety of things across digital media. He/she should be capable of delivering brilliant creative ideas, show amazing attention to details, have expert knowledge of modern design techniques, be able to visualize directorial concepts, and work according to a strict time schedule.
IT Sales Officer will develop and sustain long-lasting relationships with existing and new clients.
Auditors examine the financial statements of client companies and provide feedback. Their responsibilities include planning effective auditing processes, performing audits, and reporting back on findings.
The Technician-3 works in the Service Field Operations. He is responsible for the monthly preventive maintenance of the units under maintenance on his route and for executing repair works & call backs when required.
The Accountant will perform a variety of accounting, bookkeeping and financial tasks ensuring that the company’s daily accounting functions run accurately and effectively.
Financial auditors investigate, audit, and take account of financial records for clients. They plan and engage in financial assessments of business processes, debts, and assets, and determine financial standings while ensuring that best accounting and auditing practices are followed at all times.
System analysts study and document the project needs, and act as a liaison between the stakeholders and the software development team.
The mobile app developers are responsible of building everything the user sees and hears in the mobile application. They should be highly-skilled in JavaScript with an extensive knowledge of theoretical angular software engineering, specialized in building hybrid applications with Angular and Ionic coding.
Database Developers are responsible for the design, implementation, performance, integrity and security of databases. They are also involved in the planning, developing and troubleshooting of databases.
The Sr. Digital Marketing & Social Media Specialist will create, develop and implement the company's marketing strategy to promote its brands, attract visitors and potential leads, and generate internet sales.
The Senior Finance Specialist will perform a variety of financial activities including budgeting, forecasting, financial models, financial planning, performing research and analysis and preparing reports.
The Boutique Sales Representative will be handling the sales of the high-end Ready-To Wear and Haute Couture collections of an International Fashion Designer.
The System Implementation Technical Consultant is a key member of the implementation & support group; responsible for planning, configuring, parameterizing, conducting workshops, implementing, training, and providing system support to the company’s clients globally.
The Senior Java Technical Consultant will analyze, design, develop and implement applications, using the right technologies suitable for resolving solutions, coordinating with different teams in the company to ensure successful delivery. Location: Based in Lebanon with frequent job related trips. Reporting to: Team Leader Primary Duties and Responsibilities: • Implement the solution at the client’s site and provide support; adhering…
The Java Technical Consultant will analyze, design and develop applications, using the right technologies suitable for resolving solutions, coordinating with different teams in the company to ensure successful delivery.
The System Implementation Business Consultant is a Key Member of the Organization's Implementation and Support Group, responsible for planning, configuring, parameterizing, conducting workshops, implementing, training, and providing system support to Clients globally.

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