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The service engineer's responsibilities include providing technical support, monitoring the equipment and machinery and creating preventative maintenance strategies. They will also work to promote the sales of the company’s products and services.
The Senior Account & Microsoft Midmarket Business Development Manager will be responsible for developing the company's Microsoft Midmarket Business in specific African countries while collaborating with the local entities. S/He will also handle the management of specific accounts in Lebanon and other countries.
The Senior Data Analytics Engineer will be responsible for overseeing the departments' data integration work. S/He will be developing a data model, maintaining a data warehouse and writing scripts for data integration and analysis.
The Data Analytics Engineer will be responsible for transforming, testing and documenting data. S/He will work on modeling data to provide accurate datasets where all users can work on.
The integration specialist is responsible for developing strategic procedures and upgrades, improving network infrastructures, and managing systems configuration. Integration specialists analyze the system's operation and its efficiency to support business functions and deliverables.
The Senior Full-Stack JavaScript Developer will use a modern JavaScript tech-stack to build both the public facing and internal application components. They will be responsible for application development, supporting business objectives while providing expertise in the full software development lifecycle, from concept and design, to testing.
The Full-Stack Developer designs and maintains websites and systems to serve a company's needs. They develop these platforms to function independently, not needing to rely on third-party services to remain consistent.
The Senior Backed/Database Engineer will be responsible of designing and developing databases. He/She will help in optimizing the performance of the organization's database and storage capacity.
The Backend Developer will be responsible for writing web services, performing security actions and processing data on the websites.
The Project Engineer will work on scheduling, planning, resourcing, and handling technical activities to ensure faultless installation and execution of equipment on site. The Project Engineer will coordinate between the Teams involved in the project and the Customer to ensure all contractual requirements are met.
This Position is open for UAE Nationals Only. The Receptionist will be responsible of helping customers navigate through the office and deliver an exceptional customer service assistance. She will maintain calendars for appointments, sort emails and plan travel arrangements.
The Chief Accountant is responsible for overseeing and supervising all accounting functions such as ledger accounts, financial statements and cost control systems to ensure all tasks are completed and recorded properly and on time.
Software engineers design and implement new systems and features, as well as modify and maintain existing systems for adaptation to business and/or technology changes. They develop software solutions by studying systems flow and work processes, conferring with users, and following the software development lifecycle.
The Service Engineer will be responsible for the products' services and specifications. S/He will also work to promote the sales of the company's products and services.
The Reception Supervisor will be responsible for greeting clients and visitors. She will oversee the reception area and work, guide clients to various areas of the showroom, understand clients needs and direct them to the right person.
The HR generalist will assist with all internal and external HR related matters and procedures; the successful candidate should be passionate about recruiting, supporting, and evolving employees through the organization's guidelines and managing processes.
The Corporate Lawyer will be taking care of the company’s legal affairs with all its affiliates in Lebanon and abroad, as well as setting-up new companies and following through all legal contracts and agreements taking place with the subsidiaries abroad, liaising with legal counsels in the relevant countries.
The Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist will be responsible for identifying, attracting and sourcing qualified talents. S/He will be involved in every step of the hiring and onboarding process.
The Compensation & Benefits Specialist plans and oversees the company's compensation and benefits programs. S/He will be responsible for reviewing and modifying existing programs, overseeing the annual performance reviews and managing day-to-day compensation and benefits-related activities.
The Export Coordinator is responsible for liaising between customers, suppliers and transport companies to ensure an efficient operational service is provided. His/Her responsibilities include filling paperwork to plan shipments.
The Product Lead will be responsible for the new products within the company. His/Her main focus will be on the development of the new product and drive its growth.
Priority for Candidates with Elevator Industry experience and currently residing in Kuwait. The Operations Manager has the country-wide responsibility for the New Installation Operations, s/he will be responsible for ensuring and improving the performance, productivity, efficiency, and profitability of departmental and organizational Operations through the provision of effective methods and strategies.
The Sales and Lighting Designer will communicate extensively with clients and architects to identify their lighting needs. The role will include planning, designing, presenting the product designs and closing sales deals.
Sales Engineers will be responsible for generating leads and meeting sales goals. Duties will include sales presentations and product demonstrations, as well as negotiating contracts with potential clients.
The Sales Engineer will be responsible for the sales and specifications of the company's range of products and promote the sale of its products and services to customers.
Only Applicants currently in Dubai are invited to apply. The Math Teacher will deliver lessons that develop students' theoretical and applied mathematical skills. S/he will also assign homework, grade assignments and quizzes, and document students' progress.
The Head of Logistics will supervise the movement, distribution, and storage of supplies and materials. S/he will plan routes, analyze budgets, and process shipments. S/he will be responsible for all supply chain management duties including selecting carriers, researching shipping methods, assessing budgets, and organizing storage.
The Boutique Manager will be responsible for managing the sales and overall functions of the boutique on a daily basis and ensure maximum profitability and smooth operations; she will also train, motivate, and inspire staff to achieve sales goals.
The Sales Representative will handle the sales of high-end specialty products to existing and new customers. S/he will identify new clients, understand their needs and successfully close deals.
The Administrative Assistant provide support to the management, visitors and clients by handling a variety of tasks in order to ensure positive and productive environment.
Service Sales Engineers play a major role within the organization being the link with its customers; they understand their needs and technical problems, report them and look for solutions. Only Candidates with Elevator Industry experience and currently residing in Kuwait will be considered for this position.
The Installation Engineer will carry out installation activities to ensure high level of profitability, overall customer service satisfaction, adequate staffing levels, ensuring safety and quality standards are adhered to. Candidates must have Installation experience in the Elevator Industry.
The E-Commerce Manager will manage the e-commerce business growth. S/he will improve the customer experience, manage the customer order fulfilment and maintain the technology plans. S/he will generates data-driven market insights and manage relationships with partners.
The Sales Director will manage all sales operations of the company by leading the sales department and motivating the sales team. S/he will design strategic sales plans and ensure sales targets are met.
The Sales Consultant will sell the company's services by creating excellent sales pitches, meeting existing and new clients, and fostering good relationships with these clients to maintain future sales.
The Freight Product Manager will lead the day-to-day activities, create initiatives and focus on growing sales delivering high quality services. S/he will analyze data to identify process improvements and define product solutions to address customer needs.
The Senior HR Development will put in place learning initiatives that enable organizations to constantly evolve and develop. S/he should excel at identifying the current and future skills requirements of an organization, and create flexible learning interventions to meet the diverse needs of the workforce.
The HR Manager will take ownership of all HR matters across the company from recruitment to performance reviews, wage reviews, disciplinary action, and learning and development. The HR Manager will develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives aligned with the overall business strategy, bridging management and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues.
The Sales Manager will lead the sales team, plan and implement sales strategies to generate and maximize business results through effective Sales and Services offered to existing and new clients.
Service Operations Managers manage the teams responsible for the Service, Repairs and Modernizations. They coordinate all aspects of service operations for support teams to ensure their best performance providing an excellent service to satisfy customers expectations.
Order Management Executives are responsible for all aspects of order processing. This includes everything from entering new orders to inspecting shipments to managing customer satisfaction and more. They must also work with other departments as needed and direct warehouse personnel to get shipments out.
The Accountant will analyze information, maintain complete and accurate records, handle routine accounting duties, and provide prompt, courteous responses to inquiries from the management, clients and vendors. 
The Senior Accountant will be responsible for the general accounting functions including payables and receivables, petty cash requests, daily data entry activities; preparing journal entries, maintaining balance sheet schedules and ledgers and account and bank reconciliations, assisting with monthly closings and account analysis and carrying out the responsibilities of the accounting department.
Procurement Engineers support the purchase of technical goods and services within the Elevator industry. They are knowledgeable about the elevator system and its components. They insure early procurement involvement in technical procurement projects and activities.
The Senior Systems & Network Administrator will manage the entire IT infrastructure of the company by planning, developing, installing, configuring and maintaining the company's hardware, software and any related infrastructure and security matters, to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
Procurement Engineers support the purchase of technical goods and services within the Elevator industry. They are knowledgeable about the elevator system and its components. They insure early procurement involvement in technical procurement projects and activities.
Senior NI Sales Engineers study markets and proactively prospect new leads by promoting the company's brand, products and services.
NI Sales Engineers study markets and proactively prospect new leads by promoting the company's brand, products and services.
The Property Consultant will be responsible to pursue new businesses to generate revenues while maintaining good relationships with existing and new clients handling transactions and supporting the company in achieving its objectives.
Senior systems engineers manage computer systems and networks. They design new system architecture, monitor and maintain computer networks, troubleshoot and resolve system errors and inefficiencies, and ensure that the computer systems are running smoothly and effectively.
System Engineers handle troubleshooting support issues, project deployment tasks, and labs & products testing. They design, implement and maintain the IT systems for an organization. Their duties include designing the basic computing infrastructure to accomplish key tasks, establishing networking rules for cybersecurity and troubleshooting network errors or other technical issues.

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